Selected Articles

Sadiq Khan Takes On Brexit and Terror,” New Yorker, 31/7/2017
The Mayor of London rides out a disastrous summer
“London Bridge is Down,” Guardian, 17/3/17
The secret plan for the days after the Queen’s death
How Uber Conquered London,” Guardian, 27/4/16
To understand the $60bn ride-hailing company, stop thinking about cars
The Unhappy King of Snooker,” New Yorker, 30/3/15
A profile of Ronnie O’Sullivan
A God More Powerful Than I“, Harper’s, February 2014
Understanding a stalker’s love
It’s Britain’s favourite steeplechase, but the horses keep dying.
Inside the snow globe”, Harper’s, July 2011
Dodging the secret police with the last pollster in Belarus
My secret love”, FT Weekend, 25/07/09
The strange, surprising world of Saab

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