Selected Articles

A God More Powerful Than I“, Harper’s, February 2014
Understanding a stalker’s love
Where should Richard III lie?“, Prospect, 14/12/13
The battle for the bones of England’s most infamous king.
It’s Britain’s favourite steeplechase, but the horses keep dying.
Hepatitis C: the cure?“, FT Weekend, 16/3/13
The thrill and other hidden feelings in the race for a cure
Uncle Suleyman’s Army“, British GQ, 6/3/13
Can a billionaire’s football team transform Dagestan?
School for Quants“, FT Weekend, 2/3/12
The next generation of financial masterminds.
Inside the snow globe”, Harper’s, July 2011
Dodging the secret police with the last pollster in Belarus
Let there be lightning”, FT Weekend, 21/08/10
 The US military is trying to catch lightning
Eleven days in December”, Prospect, 24/09/09
Meet the climate change negotiators trying to save the world in Copenhagen
My secret love”, FT Weekend, 25/07/09
The strange, surprising world of Saab

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